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 Post subject: The Eventual Return...
PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:17 pm 
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The wind howled as the storm raged on in Denshy. A leather clad hand rose in the dark, wet, chill night to pull back a branch hanging across the doorway of a now dilapidated shop in the farm district. Torrents of rain poured in momentarily as the hooded figure tugged at the stuck, broken door and eventually crossed the threshold.

Once inside, the gloves were tugged off by the fingers to reveal pale hands that placed the gloves upon a nearby counter space. Pebbles and other roughage blown in through the broken windows crunched underfoot as the hooded figure made his way to a lamp that surprisingly remained in the worn down structure. Reaching into a pack, he pulled out a flint and knife and eventually managed to ignite the wick, turning the nob on the front of the lamp to give off a nice glow.

One pale hand reached up to pull back the hood and reveal long, knotted black hair, a face covered with a beard and icy blue eyes. A new scar ran down the left side of his face from scalp down to his jawline. After a quick once over of the shop, taking in the few bits of stone and ore that lay scattered around and the broken pieces of furniture, Enoch eventually found a table and chair that had survived the sacking of the abandoned building and righted them. The lamp was set upon the table and with a huff, he flopped down onto the chair and looked around once more, allowing a small chuckle to escape his lips.

Peering into a dark doorway towards the back of the shop, his eyes squinting a bit to prevent too much light from altering his view, he wondered what might remain in the back, if anything, and with a wry smile he spoke into the darkness, "Well...I made it back. Now, what the hell do I do from here?"


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